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As in, “Can I have some more?” but without the “e”.

I was born in Israel and grew up in Australia. I spent most of my youth training as a figure skater in an ice rink. I also spent a lot of my youth becoming observant. Those two didn’t really go hand in hand. Beyond the ice rink, there was the beach, parties, law school, concerts, friends and family. All scenarios where muttering the line “Oh, I don’t hug the opposite gender,” felt super awkward.


There were a lot of tears, some disappointment, much friction, but I am here to tell the tale. My favorite quote is “life doesn’t always turn out how you plan, sometimes it turns out better.” Well my life is pretty damn average now, and I couldn’t wish for more. I have three kids, a lovely husband and a kosher kitchen. I spend most of my days sweeping crushed pretzels and making dinners that barely get eaten by my petite children.

This site is for Jewish women of all backgrounds. It depicts real-life in a relatable light. It’s for every mom who ever felt guilty serving their kids frozen pizza. It’s for every woman who looks at Instagram and doesn’t always feel great. It’s for every man who pretends not to read the articles but mistakenly references them in conversation ;).


You can read more about the background to it all here.


Happy reading xx.


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