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Mrs Yehudis Wolvovsky

International Convention of Shluchos NY 2019

Mor was a pleasure to work with.  Her writing is spot-on and the content is relevant, uplifting and insightful.  Mor did an amazing job, speaking in front of an audience of thousands, yet making each person feel as though she was talking directly to them.  She touched hearts and inspired souls.

Mrs Blumi Rosenfeld

Nshei Chabad Convention  Banquet 2016

With humor and grace, Mor has the ability to weave esoteric concepts and real life into a beautiful tapestry, conveying an applicable message to all. Intelligent and articulate, her story is riveting, as she delves into her experiences of life as a Jewish Woman. Practical and down to earth, her messages touch the hearts of both young and old!

Mrs Esther Shapiro

Chabad of Monroeville Challah Bake 2018. 

Mor is an exceptional speaker. Her moving yet humorous talk on the topic of baking Challah captivated the audience of all ages.

Mrs Rochel Rabinowitz

Tzohar Seminary 2018

The girls were very inspired by Mor's talk. She's blunt, says what needs to be said, but not in a provocative or defensive way. She has a lot to say and knows how to convey it effectively to a group of teenagers and young adults. Everyone respected what she had to say about the topic of modesty and were inspired as a result. 

Baila Oster

Yeshiva Girls High

School Pittsburgh 2017.

Mrs Chani Altein 

Rugelach Bake, Chabad of Pittsburgh 2018. 

Mrs Rikel Gopin

Anshei Lubavitch Womens Group 2018

Mor's speech hit it out of the park! Her perspective is a refreshing blend of hopeful but honest, inspiring yet real. She approaches life with a daily search for depth, which made a strong impact on the girls. We were so lucky to have her!

Mor was the keynote speaker at our Love and Kneidels kick-off event.  She was wonderful- inspiring, funny and a joy to listen to.

When Mor came to New York to speak to our community she ended up doing a lot more than just speaking. Everyone in the audience was moved by what she shared. From the moment Mor came into the room, the crowd was drawn to her authenticity and confidence as she took us back in time on her journey. We were left with so much to learn and fresh look on life. 

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